Allen Downs (zip 88012)

My new house had refrigerated air, but it was very expensive to run. I ran into Rocky at the home show with a deal that sounded too good to be true. I looked into it, determined that it was real, and had the system installed. I’ve had it now through four cooling seasons, and it has been working great. I love the idea that I can control the thermostat remotely. I was so impressed that I invested in the company.



Chuck Turner (zip 88021)

My wife and I live in an high-performance home. We designed and built a home using the United States Green Building Council lead point system so that we would have a platinum-rated home, which is the highest possible rating. The HVAC system for our home was designed, installed, and currently maintained by One Hour Air Conditioning and Rocky Bacchus. It’s an exceptionally high-performance system. We’re very comfortable in this home, and I can recommend Rocky Bacchus for the design, installation, and operation of any air conditioning system.


Duane Legg (zip 88005)

In 2011, I sought a firm to put in a geothermal system for me and chose One Hour Air Conditioning because of their depth of experience. I’ve been very impressed with the technical abilities of the servicemen and with the promptness of their service. On the occasions that I’ve had to request service, I’m nearly always able to get a service technician the next day, sometimes the very day I call. I’m impressed with the speed, efficiency, knowledge, and kindness/courtesy of all the technicians I’ve dealt with, and I’ve dealt with probably 4 or 5 of them since 2011. I’m very, very impressed.


George Baird (zip 88012)

I’m here to tell you that the One Hour service works for me, works for the wife, keeps the house cool, electricity bill down. What else can I say. You call them up, they’re right there. The electric bill has gone down; my propane bill has gone down. Any time we can save money, to include the tax rebate — that was nice, things always look good.


Katie Baker (zip 88011)

I have three things to say about One Hour Geothermal Air Conditioning: #1 it works, #2 it’s environmentally friendly, and #3 it’s practically free! They put in a new furnace for us, so our bill went down this winter for our propane gas. It works, we love it! It’s the first time we’ve been cool in 22 years.


Roy and Sarana Placker (zip 88011)

I wanted to tell you how much I like the geothermal system that we have in our house. We’ve had it for three years now. Our electric bill has been averaging about $175 a month, which I consider really good. Our friends that we’ve talked to, their bills run from $250 to $300 and even more. We turn our air conditioner off when we leave the house, and when we come home, we just turn it back on and it cools down almost immediately. So we love how cool it is, and we just love the system. We love the service after the sale. We’ve been with them for three years, we love it, we’ve never had any problems with it. It is great!


Ray Garza (zip 88005)

I purchased our geothermal system about four years ago, and I can say that I’m very happy with it. I like that the responsiveness and the service of the company is very good. I like the tax credits that we get on the purchase — that’s excellent. I’m especially very appreciative of the efficiency of the system because now I can be very comfortable in the hot summer days here in New Mexico and not worry about my electric bill.


Roman Klimkiewicz (zip 88005)

We went with your system because geothermal sounded very interesting to us. In addition to that, the net cost to us for a 5-ton system because of all the credits was basically $0. We’ve been very happy with the system, and of course your service was excellent, too. You came out twice a year, serviced the system, answered all my questions. As far as your thermostat is concerned, I’m from the old school, and I like to set mine manually. I set it when I want it to heat, and I want it to cool, and when I want it off, and the system will allow me to do this. So we’re very happy with it, and I think your service has been excellent.