Welcome to the home page for the proposed “Customer Choice” curtailment rate designed for New Mexico customers of El Paso Electric.

On this page you will learn how El Paso Electric Company gives Texas Large Users a huge discount on their electric bill but does not offer the same deal to their residential and small business customers in New Mexico. Lack of access to these favorable rates is not only a drain on our local economy but is unfair to all citizens of southern New Mexico.

More importantly you will learn how a small business, One Hour Air of Las Cruces, is fighting Goliath with a simple proposal and how you can take advantage of it.

*Curtailment Rate:*

A curtailment rate offers a deep discount to a customer who agrees to cut back on electricity usage during an emergency (when there is a risk that the utility cannot meet its power requirements).

*Importance to the Consumer:*

You should care because the current standard residential electric rates in New Mexico are over 350% higher than the rates paid by a Texas Large User participating in the El Paso Electric curtailment rate program.

Why does a Texas Large User pay so much less?

They pay less because El Paso Electric offers them a special rate, called a “Curtailment Rate”.

“Well, why do they get this special rate?” you may ask.

*The Texas Large Users receive a better rate because they agree to reduce their power by a specified amount during an emergency

By agreeing to this condition, Texas Large Users pay 350% less than New Mexicans!

One hour Air of Las Cruces wants the same opportunity for all electric consumers in New Mexico. A Curtailment rate does not work for everyone, but everyone should have the opportunity to participate if they choose.

Many people do not realize that the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission (PRC), not El Paso Electric, is the bodyprc tthat decides what New Mexicans pay for electricity. Yes, that’s right … our elected board of officials, the PRC, decides what rates to approve. These officials are charged with keeping El Paso Electric, a publicly traded utility, “in check”. In other words, they are supposed to ensure that we, the people, are being treated fairly.
That’s why One Hour Air of Las Cruces is proposing a “Customer Choice” rate. If the PRC agrees, then residential and small commercial New Mexican customers will have the same opportunity to save as large Texas businesses. We estimate that participating New Mexico customers will save between 50 and 70% on their electric bills.


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